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When I started my diet in January, I had to cut out all carbs, and concentrate on eating 'clean' which meant I had to give up some of my favourite food dishes, which included pasta and pizza. But it worked, I've managed to lose a stone and half in weight since starting and I've never felt better for it.

A few weeks back I was kindly invited to Vapiano which is an Italian restaurant situated in the Corn Exchange in Manchester city centre. I was invited to review their new #EatPastaRunFaster menu in collaboration with registered dietician and nutritionalist Dr Sarah Schenker. Sarah has created the perfect 5 & 3 day diet plan to help people like myself who run or train regularly. Now I was ecstatic over the prospect of possibly being able to eat pasta and still see some benefits within my workout training, so I jumped at the chance and booked in for the 20th April. 

The meaning behind this campaign is to squash the stigma that carbs are bad for you whilst you are in training, and to instead show you how to enjoy them as part of a healthy, balanced diet whilst you are in training. I was more than happy to help squash these rumours and see if pasta, really can make you run faster. 

We was lucky enough to be visiting the restaurant on one of Manchester's rare sunny and warm days. Upon arrival we were greeted by the Manager Mariusz who explained how the self service restaurant worked and gave us a little tour around the restaurant. He was very attentive and told us to try a little bit of everything on the menu but to save ourselves for their famous Dolci. Everything is put onto a card that you are given when you walk into the store and then you hand your card over at the end and your amount is totalled.

I was certainly intrigued by the fact the chefs freshly prepare the meals in front of you, made with fresh pizza dough and pasta that was created in the restaurant that morning. There is no better feeling than knowing exactly what you are putting into your body, and watching the chef's prepare your meal  in front of you makes sure you know that. 

After studying the menu forever, I finally settled on the Bruschetta for starter. In house made bruschetta topped with tomatoes and basil with a side salad of rocket. I opted to have a ball of mozerella also. I'm not usually a fan of tomatoes but when they are prepared in the correct way I can eat them. These were lovely, and the portion size was very generous. I didn't manage to eat it all as I didn't want to fill up before the main. 

For the main I decided to go with the Chicken Alfredo which was chicken and mushroom cooked in a cream sauce. It was possibly one of the greatest pasta dishes I have ever eaten, and I've eaten my fair share of pasta! and my mum got the Ravioli Con Carne which was Ravioli stuffed with bolognese, white and spring onions in a tomato sauce. We also ordered a side of garlic bread. Once again the portion sizes were huge, but we had no trouble finishing off every last inch! 

After a good 10/15 minute cool down period I decided to head off to the Dolci bar and order myself a dessert. I wouldn't normally eat dessert, especially whilst on a diet and in training, but when in Rome, or Vapiano's you do as they do. I went with the Cioccolata Foresta Nera and also ordered myself a Strawberry Belinni. The Foresta Nera is a chocolate dessert that is made up of layers of white, milk and dark chocolate with Nutella, Italian sponge fingers and topped off with a generous layer of cream. Honestly, the dessert was heaven in your mouth and definitely the part I enjoyed the most about the whole meal. Everything else was equally just as gorgeous, but a girl loves Nutella. What can I say?! The strawberry Bellini was gorgeous, a tall glass of Prosecco topped off with a nice splash of strawberry puree. 

Even though this experience was free, and I was invited down to review the restaurant these opinions and everything else expressed in the post are truly my own. I had a beautiful night, topped off with some truly beautiful food. I highly recommend Vapiano if you are ever in the city centre and fancy a bite to eat. The chilled out, laid back atmosphere makes for a wonderful evening and a enjoyable night out. 

You can also win a £1000 voucher if you upload your Vapiano experience pictures to Instagram and use the hashtag #MyVapiano. Closing date is 30th April, so if you want a chance to win, get down fast and take a photo of your food, a selfie or an interior shot of the restaurant. Good luck!

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  1. Looks absolutely beautiful.. And the food looks super YUMMY.. I'm still yet to try out the one in central London.. Great review Hun..

    Ese Janta