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I feel like I've not posted a beauty related post in, what like 2/3 months? Which is so bad! But here I am, back with a new beauty post and it's about the amazing beauty bargains I managed to pick up in TK Maxx.

I was out shopping in Manchester on Thursday, looking for some new gym clothes yes the health kick is still in full swing and I'm seeing amazing results! I had already spent a small fortune when I dragged myself into TK Maxx not really expecting to find anything worth while. I find shopping in TK Maxx a little hit and miss, you either score big and get something amazing or you waste your time and find nothing but junk and broken lipsticks. Which is usually the case with me, The small number of occasions I've been in, I've never found anything worth buying, yet I see loads of fellow bloggers uploading posts with all their amazing TK Maxx hauls. Like what's your secret? How do you find these beauties? Do you have inside info? 

Well, anyway, Thursday must of been my lucky day, because not only did I pick up some amazing bits in Primark, which included the cutest make-up bag ever! But I actually found some amazing bits in TK Maxx. Hallelujah, the gods of TK have been good to me! It took a bit of searching and some digging, and I'm pretty sure a bit of shoving went down as someone else had their eyes on these items, but I managed to bag myself 3 items from the Ciate x Olivia Palermo collection! 

So what did I manage to bag? Well, only 3 items but 3 is better than 0 right? Anyway, moving on. I picked up two lipsticks from the collection in the shades Truffle and Cashmere. Which are both beautiful nude colours. I don't usually ever wear lipstick, I just don't think I suit it but for only £6.99 each instead of £19.99 each, how can a girl say no?! I also managed to bag myself the absolutely beautiful Cheekbone cheat Duo in Bluff Point. Which is a bronzer and blusher duo. The bronzer is a soft matte muted brown with red undertones and the blusher is a coral colour leaning more towards the peach side, this was a steal at £7.99 instead of £25. Leaving me with a huge saving of £43! 
Overall I'm really impressed with the products I managed to bag, and the saving I managed to secure as well, which just means I can buy even more make-up, yay and I'll be checking my local TK Maxx store every week from now on hoping to bag some more bargains. 
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  1. The bronzer/blusher duo looks so nice!

    1. It's so pigmented! And the perfect shade for my extremely pale skin! Ha

  2. I picked up the bronzer/blusher too after seeing your post on twitter! For some reason I never used to pick up things from TKMAX beauty section - I will be from now on! The lipsticks look gorgeous too!

    Hana | ♥

    1. Did you pick it up today? I've only checked TK Maxx a couple of times and always been disappointed so I was so happy to find these little babies! The lipsticks are gorgeous, they would look amazing if they was matte!

  3. I work at tkmaxx part time I love finding ass the best buys haha I straight away buy them before they sell! This brand is so popular arm has been for a while so expect to see more Instore! Also it's Sooo good at end when you calculate how much you've saved haha !!

    Love Nat xxx