Single Girls Guide to Valentine's Day


Who was the idiot who said that Valentine's Day was only a day to be celebrated by couples? What about those of us who are happily single? Where is our day to appreciate ourselves, and how f*#cking awesome we are?! Now, believe me, I'm not bitter, and I really do love to see people in love and happy, but Valentine's Day is the one day of the year I always dread. Overpriced teddies and chocolate, restaurants booked up full and a lot of "the boy done good" Instagram posts. This year, I am 100% single which means I have no plans for Valentine's Day, well other than sitting at home watching the season premier of The Walking Dead. For those of you who are also single, but don't fancy sitting in on your own like a loner with your 400 cats, here's my Single Girls Guide To Valentine's Day! 

1. Have A Spa Day
Is there anything better than being pampered at the spa? I surely think not. You can take yourself off for a nice long massage, followed on with a mani-pedi, sipping away on the finest prosecco whilst wrapped up in the fluffiest white towelling robe. If that isn't better than spending £25 on chocolates, I don't know what is. 

2. Have A Single Girls Night In 
Grab your favourite single gal pals and have yourself a night in. Order in a huge feast from dominos, pull out your Sex In The City box set and open up the rose wine. Have a good bitch fest and a gossip. Braid each others hair and share dating horror stories. 

3. Go On A Night Out
Put on your sexiest dress, your highest heels and go out on the town. Get so drunk, that you neck on with that waiter who's been handing you doubles instead of singles all night, even though he's definitely only a 2/10. Who cares? It's Valentine's Day and you're only doing it to validate your single gal status, plus, it's not like you're ever going to see him again!

4. Have A Bit Of 'Me Time'
Go to the gym and get your sweat on, go get your nails or hair done. Or maybe just stay in your pyjamas all day and watch Gossip Girl or 50 Shades of Grey for the 600th time with your cat. Buy yourself some flowers and then Instagram a picture saying 'how lucky' you are, no one will know you bought them for yourself. 

5. Have A Short City Break
Put all your fears and worries aside and book yourself a single hotel room in a city or maybe even a country that you've always wanted to visit. Then go out and explore what they have to offer. Take in the night life and experience the food, shop until you drop, or you could even visit the local theatre! 

So ladies, if you just so happen to be doing any of the above on Valentine's Day, I can guarantee you're going to be much happier than spending tons on money you don't have on a bunch of gifts and chocolate, that your other half probably doesn't even care for or appreciate. Just remember, you've worked hard being a fabulous, single queen, you deserve to treat yourself. 
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  1. This is such a good blog post babe, supporting the single girls out there! <3

    With love,
    Alisha Valerie. x

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  2. This is a great post! Shouldn't be just about the couples. I think I'll spend mine just relaxing :) but a girls evening would be amazing too!

    Hana | ♥