Losing Weight with the Nutribuddy Weight Loss Starter Kit


So if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you probably know, that for the past month I've been on a little bit of a health kick. Healthy eating and even hitting the gym! Yeah, I never thought I would find myself in a gym working out but here I am! I've been slightly unhappy with my weight and my little kangaroo pouch belly for a good 6 months now, it's something that's stopped me buying a lot of cute, tight dresses and jeans. So I decided it was time to get up off my ass and do something about it! 

I was browsing the Bloggers Required website one day and came across an ad looking for bloggers to help review a new weight loss range, I instantly filled in the online application form and waited for a reply. A week or so passed and I got an email saying they would love for me to review their products, with a link to the website. I hopped on to the website straight away and placed an order for the Nutribuddy Weight Loss Starter Kit. Included in the starter kit is, Sculpting Whey Shake in vanilla or chocolate, Hunger Fix capsules, Multivitamins and a shaker bottle. There is also a Little Book Of Weight Loss, which gives detail descriptions about each product and a 5 day meal plan. 

I'm not usually a fad diet person, I've always just been able to eat what I want and maintain a regular healthy weight. It's only recently as I've gotten older that I've noticed my metabolism start to slow down. I spent a little while researching Nutribuddy and their items, and came to the conclusion that I was happy to use them and trust them in my body as they are all UK made to GMP standards and made from 100% natural ingredients. 

So, how does it work? Well it's simple really, you take one of the multivitamins in the morning, then you take 1-2 of the Hunger Fix tablets with 2 glasses of water, 15-60 minutes before each meal. They contain an ingredient called Glucomannan which is meant to make you feel fuller for longer, so you eat less. You then have the Sculpting Whey protein powder which you can use as a snack between meals or as a meal replacement. They recommend replacing your lunch or dinner. It's said to boost your metabolism which in turn breaks down your food quicker and helps to burn fat. 

I'll be starting my Nutribuddy journey today and I will be sure to keep you all updated on how I get on and whether or not the products do help me to lose any weight. I'm going to do the full 30 days and see how I go from there. I am under no illusion that this is a quick fix for losing weight, I will be going to the gym and sticking to my clean eating diet along with this.

I hope you'll follow me on my weight loss journey and if you have any hints, tips, meal recipes or even gym clothes recommendations because even whilst working out we have to look cute, am I right? Feel free to contact me either on here, via Twitter, or Instagram. Thanks for reading, and I'll catch you all next time!

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  1. I've never heard of this before, but would be something I'll look into! Tania xx taniamichele.blogspot.co.uk