Online Dating: What Has It Taught Me?


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We live in a generation that is hooked on computers, and social media. We can't interact with our closest friends and family unless it is via Facebook/Twitter. No one would ever dream of actually going round to a friend’s house for a cuppa and a catch up these days. So it was only right, that the 'normal' way of finding a date was swiftly replaced by dating apps and websites. There was no more handing a guy your number whilst at the bar, or ringing up your crush on their house phone and seeing if they was free that evening to go bowling and watch a movie (actually at the cinema, none of this Netflix and chill crap.)
Now I'm happily single and have been for around 2 years, I spent a long time being in a dead end, abusive relationship and just needed the space to enjoy myself and live a little without having to explain myself to anyone. But, after having a conversation with one of my friends on being single, and how I was going to be spending valentine’s day, (with The Walking Dead and a dildo possibly, it's okay girls, we all have one and we all have needs. It's just natural, okay?!) After humming and ahhing with myself for a good few hours, I decided to download tinder and look at the possibility of actually going on a date with a member of the opposite sex, and not sitting watching Netflix for countless hours on my own with several bars of chocolate and a glass (or 12) of Prosecco. 
So for any of you who don't know what Tinder is (like how can you not?! Have you been living under a rock for the past year??) It's a location based dating app. You input your details, your location and upload a couple of pictures of yourself and then you're all set to go. After this you are taken to a screen with your potential matches, and from here you have to swipe left if you don't like them and want to throw them on the reject pile, or swipe right if you find them attractive and would like to start a conversation with them. Seems simple, right? After you've spent several hours swiping left on people, you finally see someone who catches your eye, so you swipe right, only to see they haven't matched with you. Oh how your heart yearns hoping they will match and you can strike up an awkward conversation. 

You finally match and he messages you some cheesy chat up line, that would never work out there in the *normal* world trying to engage you in conversation. You think to yourself is it to late to back out, I don't think he's really for me. But you don't you stay and give a hello back. You spend a couple of days going back and forth engaging in polite conversation, until one day he asks to take you on a date. You agree to a date, meeting in a cute little coffee shop, but once there the conversation is dead and dull. You both realise this, say you're goodbyes and walk in opposite directions. But, then there's the arrogant, egotistical moron who automatically thinks you are his property as soon as you matched together and demands to know why you didn't reply to his message that he sent at 4am. You tell him you was sleeping and that you're sorry, he becomes a little aggressive, begin to call you ugly and says the male race would be better if you "just turned lesbian" *true story of my own*. Like being a lesbian is some sort of lifestyle choice, he's a bigger moron than you first anticipated. Then you have the guys who are in-between, you share good conversation but you know they aren't the kind of person you would normally date, so you politely put them in the friend zone, which is where they will stay forever. It's not that they aren't cute, it's just that everyone has a type, and he just so happens to not be yours. Sad but true ladies. 
So what has on-line dating taught me? Well, first things first, guys can be absolute jerks, but we already knew this didn't we? They use selected humour to try and woo you and when that fails they take to getting angry and making threats and insults. Like who even does that? It's also taught me, that there is such a thing as 'too nice' from a person, it almost seems fake and scripted. Like they've been working on perfecting the same speech for the past 3 years. It's also taught me that unless you are after just a quick, no strings attached hook up in a bar toilet (I am NOT speaking from experience!) then it's really not for you. The males can be rude, obnoxious and there's certainly no chivalry. Now this isn't to say the females aren't as bad. in fact sometimes we can be worse, we can sometimes come off a little defensive and guarded, but really who responds well to things like (this is a direct quote) "To engage in sexual intercourse with Ryan, please reply with the following hashtag #IWantTheRy". Now that may work on some girls, but it certainly doesn't work for those of us who have a bit of self respect for ourselves. I'm not saying I don't have a sense of humour, but that to me just screams out DESPERATE. Do we really want to give our new found virginity *everyone knows your virginity renews on the 1st day of a new year* to these kind of men? It's also made me realise that we, as a generation as a whole, are kind of superficial. We are judging someone firstly on their looks instead of what lies beneath the looks. 

So what am I getting it? Well girls, what I'm really trying to say is, on-line dating sucks, and you definitely don't need a man. Instead you should get yourself a Netflix account, a new cat, a bottle of wine and a large pizza with sides from Dominos. I promise you will be happier than you ever have before. And if you really do want to date, do it the old fashioned way, get that cute waiters number who gave you a free drink on your bill, and when you're living Happy Ever After, make sure you post that wedding invite out to me!

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  1. Give me a good cup of tea any day of the week.

  2. Absolutely love this post! So relate-able!

    Girl Power!!

    Charlotte x

    1. Isn't it just? Online dating is too stressful!x

  3. I am so glad that I don't have to 'date' anymore haha Tinder wasn't even around when I was last single! :P xxxx

  4. love this post,it was so good i have read it twice lol xx

    1. Hahahaha thanks Hollie! I always have fun writing these type of posts. Can really let my self go with them xx

  5. I genuinely couldn't be happier that I found someone before all this internet dating nonsense (not trying to brag, but I know I would never cope in that world! lol)

    Deffo agree on the going the old-fashioned route, you never know who you might meet out and about!

    Chloe x | Snug Corner

  6. Love this post Chelsea! Also love the fact you mentioned a dildo aha! It's silly how masturbation women is such a taboo subject when it comes to females, it's just natural!

    Agree with you completely with the old fashioned way, you can never be too sure who you're talking to online :(


    1. Thanks babe! Haha, we all have a dildo, there's no need to pretend. But yeah, you're right, female masturbation is such a taboo subject! It's just one of those 'omg you can't talk about that' subjects.