ESPA Skincare Event


Hey lovelies! 

A few weeks ago I was kindly sent an invite to the ESPA Skincare event that was being held in Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool by Alison MacGregor.  I was a little unsure about going at first, mainly due to financial issues, working part-time doesn't give me the best of money. But then I thought, why not, its a one off and a well needed treat! I booked my train tickets and headed for Liverpool Lime Street Station on Thursday 23rd. Which is where I met Danielle (student2staffnurse) and Danielle (mylilyotv). Two Danielle's! Confusing, I know! We was a little early for the event so we headed to Cafe Nero and got ourselves a nice Mango & Passion fruit ice drink. 

We headed inside at around 6pm and headed up to the WOW Bar on the First Floor. Where we was greeted by Danielle (another Danielle I know!!) who was hosting the event. We was shown to a little table in the bar and asked if we would like a glass of Prosecco (like anyone would say no to free prosecco!) On the table was a gorgeous aromatherapy candle that smelt divine! It had a sort of lime smell to it, I personally think it smelt like the sweets Refreshers! 

 We was separated into three separate groups, each group was sent to do something different. My group (myself, Danielle & Danielle) stayed with Danielle the event host, and was first told about the ESPA products and had the chance to test out and smell their new range of summer products. This included their Pink Hair and Scalp Mud Mask, 24 Hour Replenishing Moisturiser and the Optical Skin Pro Serum.

We then headed over to have a hand and arm massage with Tinisha, I'm not sure what the products she used on us were called but I do know they smelt amazing! She first used an exfoliator on our skin to get rid of any dead skin, and then massaged in some moisturiser. It was honestly one of the best things I have ever experienced, it was so relaxing. I could of happily stayed there and had a full body massage. Which is something I plan on doing very soon, as they offer a back massage for £25 which can then be redeemed on ESPA products! Amazing huh?!

Next we moved on to the sensory test and skin analysis with Anna. She tested our senses by asking us to smell two toners and then choosing the one we was most drawn too. By choosing which one we was drawn to the most, it was our skin's way of telling us what it needs. I was more drawn to the yellow toner which was my skins way of telling me it was dehydrated. We then smelt a couple oils which would determine which face kit we needed. After this Anna tested our skin for elasticity, dryness, oiliness and redness. We was then given a little mini Beauty In The Bag gift bag that matched our skin type. I received the Balancing Skin Collection which contained 5 small samples all suited for my skin, as I have oily/combination skin with a lot of redness. 

We then moved back to the bar area and was handed a small gift bag which contained a small sample of each of their Pink Hair and Scalp Mud Mask, 24 Hour Replenishing Moisturiser and the Optical Skin Pro Serum. Along with the small Beauty In The Bag bag that Anna gave us. It was such a lovely evening and I'm really glad I decided to take part, I'm also truly thankful to meet the lovely pair of Danielle's.

Just want to say a final thank you for ESPA Skincare and Beauty Bazaar Harvey Nichols for hosting this event and inviting us to go along. 
I'm now off for a nice soak and to use all my amazing goodies!

Have a nice night and don't drink too much prosecco!

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