First Impressions: Palmers Daily Cleansing Gel


Whilst on my break at work on Wednesday, I decided to pop into Superdrug to pick up a couple of items. When there I saw the new Palmers Cocoa Butter Daily Cleansing Gel. It was on offer for £2.65 instead of £3.99. So I decided to pick it up. I've been buying/trailing lots of new cleansers since getting my Magnictone Lucid. I thought I would do a first impressions post. I love the Palmers range, I am a huge fan of their moisturising lotion and their gradual tan. After getting home I decided to do a little research on the product. Going to various websites (Superdrug, Feel Unique, Boots) I checked people's reviews. There was a lot of mixed reviews, some people saying the product worked perfectly for them, whilst some others said the product caused their skin to become irritated and their eyes to become swollen and puffy! This has worried me slightly but I am still going to give it a try. Some things work for some, and not for others! 

On first impressions the packaging is really cute and definitely draws you in to buy the item, but it's got quite an unpleasant smell to it, it's like a kind of plastic smell. The bottle does state that it is fragrance free but there's definitely some sort of smell there. On first use, I noticed the consistency is quite thick and sticky, it also doesn't lather up very well. I expected it to foam up a little more, even when paired with my Magnitone Lucid. However, it did leave my skin feeling incredibly smooth and soft. I was expecting some tightness but the skin felt well. moisturised, which was an added bonus! Up to now I am incredibly pleased with this item, and I'm definitely going to be trying out more products from the range. I am however keeping a very close eye out for any for any puffing/swelling. 

Have you tried the Palmers Cleansing Gel? Did you have a good/bad time with it? 
Enjoy your weekend!

Chelsea xo

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