Doll White Teeth Whitening Strips


Two weeks ago I was kindly sent a 7 Day pack of Teeth Whitening Strips to test and review. Over the years I have tried multiple at home whitening products. Working in a dentist also made whitening bleach easily accessible, but I found most didn't have very long lasting effects. I've also had the typical sensitivity which comes with whitening your teeth, so when I read that the Doll White products was peroxide free I was eager to try them! 

I really love the packaging for these strips. The white cardboard outer box is perfect for storing in your makeup/beauty bag. Also the individually wrapped strips are a great idea, these little packets make it easy to take your whitening strips with you if you was going on a night/weekend away. In each packet you will find a top and bottom strip. 

Directions For Use:
Brush your teeth as normal, using your normal toothpaste
Gently remove the bottom strip from the packet
apply the sticky side to your teeth lining up with your gums, fold any excess over the back of the teeth.
Do the same for the top strip
Leave for 30 minutes
removes strips and rinse mouth.

One of my favourite things about this product is the fact they have a minty taste! And they actually do work! Even after only using these strips for a week, I can see a definite improvement! I'll definitely be purchasing some more to keep my teeth looking pearly white!

You can get these whitening strips from Doll White with prices starting from as little as £12.99 for a 7 day pack!

Thanks for reading!
Chelsea xo

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  1. I love teeth whitening I think I have a problem. Not tried them yet defiantly on my August shopping list though. Thanks for the review hun xx