DIY Gel Nails


I am your typical girly girl. I love to have my hair done, my eyelashes done, and of course my nails done. But having them done every two weeks has become quite costly, which is why I decided to start doing my own nails. After searching the net for a chip proof nail polish and coming up short, I decided to try Gel Nails. Turning to Amazon I found the perfect starter kit by a company called Bluesky which included everything I could need to start doing my own gel nails at such a tiny price of only £46.99, which in the long run is also going to save me £100's! 

What's included in the kit? 
Mylee UV Lamp
Bluesky Top Coat
Bluesky Base Coat
1 Bluesky Gel Polish Of Your Choice
Gellux Prep + Wipe
Gellux Remover
200 Lint Free Wipes
20 Orange Sticks
Buffer Block
Cuticle Oil

After spending almost a week trying to figure out the best way to use the products to get the best results, and throwing many tantrums because it was still tacky. I finally figured out the best method. Below you can find my step by step method, I'm not saying this is the correct method, but certainly the one that works best for myself! 

How to apply Gel Polish:
Step 1: Wash and dry your hands (do not apply any hand cream or oils).
Step 2: Use the Orange cuticle stick to gently push back cuticles.
Step 3: Use the file to shape the free edge of your nails.
Step 4: Remove the shine from the nail plate with a buffing block.
Step 5: Sanitise the nail plate with prep + wipe using the Lint Free Wipes.
Step 6: Apply Base Coat 
Step 7: Cure nails for 2 minutes using the Mylee UV Lamp.
Step 8: Apply one coat of the colour Gel Polish
Step 9: Cure nails for 2 minutes using the Mylee UV Lamp. 
*repeat steps 8 & 9 depending on the strength of colour you desire*
Step 10: Apply Top Coat 
Step 11: Cure nails for a final 2 minutes using the Mylee UV Lamp.
Step 12: Sanitise the Top Coat using prep + wipe and the lint free wipes, this should remove any tackiness
Step 13: Apply cuticle oil on cuticles

Your Gel Polish Manicure should last anywhere between 7 & 21 days! To remove your Gel Manicure, wrap a Lint Free Wipe soaked in Gellux Remover around your nail and cover with a strip of tin foil. Leave these to soak for around 20-30 minutes. Use a orange stick to remove any remaining Gel Polish. Buff your nails to remove any rough edges and then moisturise your hands. You should be good to start a new set or have clear, strong nails! 

Would you do your own gel nails? Or would you rather leave it to the professionals? 
Chelsea xo

**All views and opinions are my own and honest, this item was not sent to me as a gift to review**

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  1. I do my own but I'm a beauty therapist and agree it gets very expensive having perfect gel nails all the time. Blue sky is a great brand and I use it on my clients time to time because of the huge colour collection