Slendertox Shakes Review


A few weeks ago I was kindly gifted the Slender Shake Meal Replacement Shakes by the lovely team over at Slendertox Tea after I joined in with the #BHTWITTERPARTY.

I was sent a two week sample of the shake to trial. Slender Shake is a meal replacement shake used to replace either your breakfast or lunch each day for a certain period of time. I decided to use it at breakfast as I'm not really a big breakfast eater anyway! It is in a powdered form that you simply add to water, or milk. You could also add it to yoghurt and granola, with berries. Whatever way you like the most. 

On the first day I mixed together my powder with 150ml of low fat milk. It smelt amazing but it was very, very sweet! 150ml seemed like a small amount to me, especially as a meal replacement option, and I was hungry again within the hour at work. Which meant I ended up snacking, more than I usually would. I did keep this up for a week though, but each day I noticed within an hour I was hungry again! Which meant I was snacking, and possibly gaining weight instead of losing it!

For the second week I decided to replace my lunch instead. As I said it is very sweet, and I'm used to having savoury items such as sandwiches or even soups for my lunch. It seemed to fill me up slightly more, but again I found within the hour that I was hungry. I did try and stick it out until dinner without snacking but some days it was hard. I work a job that requires a lot of running and moving about. If I don't feel full, or I feel hungry I tend to become very light headed and sick. Maybe I just have a big appetite? Actually I already know I do!

Overall the taste is amazing, there is not a single fault I can pick with that! But I didn't see an improvement, it suggests it improves energy, assists weight loss, helps digestion and is therapeutic to the skin. I didn't notice any of these changes, but maybe two weeks isn't really long enough to notice them? I do still have a lot of the powder left even though I used it for the two weeks it said. So I may give it another two week trial and see if that works. 

Have you sampled the Slendertox Shakes? Did you have a better experience than I did?
I would love to hear your comments on the subject! 
Leave them below or on Twitter @chelseahowarth

Until next time!
Chelsea xoxo

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  1. I didn't get on with this product too, I found it too sweet and I didn't feel as though I'd had anything for my lunch!

    Tayla |

    1. That's how I felt! It was like a drink instead of a meal replacement. It wasn't filling at all

  2. I've always wanted to test out these type of shakes, but I've got such a sensitive tummy haha x

    1. It was just like drinking a normal milkshake. I didn't find anything different about them x