Magnitone Lucid Review. Plus Discount Code!


During the last #BHTWITTERPARTY, I was one of the lucky selected few to receive a Magnitone Lucid to review! I eagerly anticipated its arrival, checking every day to see if it had come, even knocking on my neighbours doors to see if they had taken my parcel in! I was really excited to receive it and start using it. It finally came one Saturday morning whilst I was at work. My mum text to say I had a parcel and I almost ran all the way home! I rushed into the house and ripped open the parcel, rushing straight upstairs to use it! 

Now I know you're asking "What is the Magnitone Lucid?" The Magnitone Lucid is a facial cleansing and exfoliation brush that claims to dislodge dirt and remove dead skin cells, promising to give you softer, brighter, smoother & clearer skin in as little as 7 days! Now I know what you're thinking, how can this little brush do all that in such a small amount of time!? I was skeptical too! But after seeing so many reviews and experiencing it for myself, I can honestly say, it works!

How does it work?
Firstly you need to wash your face with your favourite face wash/cleanser or soap. Rub it all over your face until you have a nice lather. You then pick up your Magnitone which is 100% waterproof (trust me on this, mine has been for a swim in the bath with me!) choose which setting you want to use, there is a deep cleansing setting, and a sensitive setting. To determin which setting, you press the button once for deep cleansing, then again for the sensitive setting. Put the Magnitone on your forehead and gently move it around. After 20 seconds the Lucid will beep, you then move onto your cheeks. I like to do 20 seconds for each cheek. After 60 seconds the Magnitone will shut itself down. I usually then turn it back on and spend 20 seconds on my nose & chin as they are my most stubborn areas! And that's it! That is literally all you do! 
In the box you receive the Magnitone Lucid in your selected colour, I went for pink, obviously! There is a choice between pink, green, blue & yellow. A magnetic charger with a normal plug and an adapter so you can take it with you on holiday! A protective cap for the brush head, plus a little instructions manual and warranty card! This is probably one of the greatest products I have ever had the pleasure of using!

Does it work?
After completing my 7 day challenge, using my Magntone Lucid once in the morning and once in the evening, I can honestly say that, yes it does work. My skin has never looked or felt better! As mentioned I'm prone to breakouts and this has definitely reduced that, also reduced my oily complexion. This is most definitely going to be a big part of my everyday routine. And I will definitely be purchasing any future products that they may release! 

Now I know you would all like to get your hands on one of these little beauties, which is why im offering you all a 20% off code so you can get yours and get your #SummerSkin on! 

To redeem follow THIS LINK and use code BLOVE20 at the checkout for 20% off. That's a saving of £14!

Have a wonderful day! Enjoy the heatwave, and don't eat too many BBQ burgers!
Chelsea x 

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