Lily Rose Co Wishlist!


I promised myself when I started blogging that I wouldn't do loads of wishlists on items that I want/need. But that promise went out of the window as soon as I found this website! Whilst browsing the web I managed to come across the most amazing website! No really, it's an amazing website. It's all my dreams come true. It brings out the Disney Princess in me! So I thought I would put together a wishlist, it was so hard to narrow down what I wanted, because I wanted literally everything! I mean everything! 

The website is LilyRoseCo, they can also be found on Twitter and Instagram

Now on to the wishlist! 

These are some of the cutest items I have ever seen, and most of them would look so perfect in my newly decorated bedroom which is white with accents of pink and lilac! Whilst browsing I also found the cutest popcorn boxes and matching paper straws, which would be so perfect for a girls night in with the chicks on a weekend! 
Ive already got an order in for these and will be putting them to good use next weekend! Mmm popcorn and cocktails in mason jars, sounds like my perfect night in!

Have you bought anything from LilyRoseCo? If so what did you buy? And what did you think? What would you recommend to people just discovering the site? 

Thanks for reading!
Chelsea x

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  1. Those are the cutest things I've ever seen!!


    1. Aren't they just? So freaking adorable! xx

  2. all of this cutesy pastel stuff just makes me smile. of course, we absolutely do not need any of these things, but they're just lovely to have around. lol. (:

    ♥ | | xoxo

    1. Exactly! You don't need it but something in your brain is telling you that you want it!xx

  3. They have the cutest things =]