As you can probably tell, I love shoes. Heels especially, the higher the heel, the better! So last week, I was poorly, and dealing with issues with my stalker (save that for another day) and had a mini breakdown. There was only one way I know to cheer myself up ... NEW SHOES! So started the long search of trying to find the perfect pair, a pair that stood out and said "buy me, you can't live without me." I must of searched for hours, possibly a full day. Then I found myself on the Public Desire website. 

I fell in love with every pair I saw, especially their Lace Up collection *heart eyes* they have some beautiful shoes. But my heart was set on a pair of all round shoes that I could team with everything in my wardrobe. I've never owned a pair of barely there sandals, but have seen plenty of my friends wearing them. I decided to give them a go for myself. 

I came across this pair on the Public Desire website, and instantly fell in love. They are the Lilly Barely There Sandals in snake skin effect, perfect sized heel and the front band isn't too wide, making them perfect to go from day time to night time. They was £27.99 which is so cheap, and I even got 10% off because I signed up to receive their newsletter, which was even better! 

These are going to look amazing no matter what I style them with, a pair of black skinny jeans and tank top for day time, or nice dress/play suit for a night out with the girls. They a quite possibly the comfiest pair of shoes I own & I own A LOT of shoes! They are so easy to walk in as well, even when going up and down stairs. I couldn't of picked a better pair of shoes and I can't wait to take them for their first night out on the cobbles! 

Thanks for reading!xoxo

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  1. These are lovely! Wish I could walk in heels. X

    1. These are so easy to walk in, I would definitely recommend them for a heel newbie ha x

  2. Did they have these in any other colours? Currently on the hunt for shoes to match my bridesmaid dress! :)

    Danielle xx
    | Student to Staff Nurse |

    1. Hey boo, I'm sure they had them in nude, black and orange in this style. But they had other colours and other styles xx