Lush Cosmetics: My Top Picks


If there is one thing I love as much as, if not more than shoes its Bath Bombs, specifically Lush Cosmetics Bath Bombs! I have had every type going, even the limited edition ones.

I have a "small" collection at the moment, so I'm going to do a short review on a few of my favourite bath bombs. I will also link to each one respectively on the lush website, apart from the limited edition ones. 

This is the first time I've used this bath bomb, it smells like one of my favourite childhood sweets ... Parma Violets. It contains bergamot which is used in aromatherapy to treat anxiety and depression. It turned my water a beautiful rich purple colour, and left my skin so soft & hydrated. 

 Avobath - £3.35
This is one of my all time favourite bath bombs. It smells absolutely delicious, contains bergamot and lemongrass, making it perfect for a relaxing, evening bath. The mashed avacado and olive oils are perfect for rehydrating skin, making it a great choice for people who suffer with dry skin. 

 Big Blue- £3.35
I've never actually used this bath bomb. But my younger sister has, so these are her words "it turns the water a Caribbean Sea blue, the sea salt softened my skin helping to remove any dead skin. It was relaxing and left me feeling calm"

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar - £3.25
I love this bubble bar! As the name says it just reminds me of unicorns, it's so sparkly and glittery, a small amount creates tons of bubbles. This bubble bar has a very light and sweet lavender aroma, which left me feeling calm and ready for bed. The only down side was it turned the colour of the water a murky colour. 

 Sakura - £3.35
This bath bomb was inspired by the Japanese Cherry Blossoms, turns the water a pinky/purple colour. Contains mimosa, jasmine and lemon oils and orange flower. Reminds me of the first smell of spring. 

 Sex Bomb - £3.35
This bath bomb is my go to for when I'm feeling stressed and need a pick me up, the name alone makes me smile. It has a beautiful ylang ylang aroma that leaves me feeling like I'm in a secret meadow. It left me feeling soothed and calmed. The petals dissolve into the water easily leaving my skin as smooth as silk.

 Dragons Egg  - £3.35
This was the very first bath bomb I used, around 4 years ago, someone got it as a birthday gift, and since then it's been my favourite ever bath bomb. The citrus scent is so refreshing, leaving you feeling invigorated & awakened. My favourite part of this bath bomb has to be the gold glitter cube that lies in the centre, which dissolves and leaves the water gold & glittery. The lemon oil and jasmine leaves my skin feeling super smooth, and the glitter makes me feel like a human glitter ball. It also contains a small amount of popping candy which is an extra added little treat! 

I have many more bath bombs but these are just my top picks, I will probably do another small review in the future on the other bath bombs I enjoy. If you have any favourites then feel free to comment and let me know, I love any excuse to go on a Lush spree! 

Hope you enjoyed reading xoxo

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  1. Big Blue is my favourite Lush bath bomb! It smells divine, though I always want to sleep when I'm in the bath with it! I am extremely jealous of your collection and I think I may need to pay a little visit to Lush to expand on mine, I especially need that Unicorn horn!

    Jess x

    1. I might give big blue a try tonight and sample it for myself. I find them all so relaxing I could stay in the bath for hours just topping it up with warm water. The ones I have pictures here aren't even a fraction of my collection x